Custom UI - how to improve Siebel Open UI

Sales director
It's no fun to sit with your Sales Director and Siebel CRM Manager 6 months after Open UI release with no results. It was one of your biggest projects, and you expected notable enhancements. What happened?
Your users were not happy with Siebel CRM. Developers suggested using Open UI to resolve their complaints. You approved the project. After months of work and several budget increases, the production still did not go as planned. Even after two maintenance releases, users remained disappointed and not much more efficient. Why?
Turns out, even though you upgraded to Open UI, you still used the old approach to build upon existing functionality. The prettiest UI cannot solve your issues if the system behind it cannot keep up.
We work together
Moreover, you let developers interpret users' needs. The sales reps were only involved in gathering initial information. The developers were mapping and testing each step of the process on their own.
Today, you know that many sales reps use Siebel CRM and are not satisfied with the current system. You decide to address their concerns and discuss User-Driven UI ( with your team.
You run User Journey Mapping sessions over the next two weeks. The results surprise you. Users are not working with the system as designed and are not using most of the features. No wonder they feel the system is complex. During User Journey Mapping you discover several improvements that Sales users may need. You decide to base your re-designed Sales user interface on them. UI designers from your company draw an intuitive user interface that everyone loves.
We work together
However, as Siebel developers see your requirements, they warn you that the task will be hard to deliver. Welcome to Open UI limitations. It has the capabilities to make the UI you want, but it is complex work. Open UI is still not as flexible as modern web application frameworks.
But there is an alternative. You can build a custom web application that resides inside Open UI. It will still work on top of Siebel but without the Open UI limitations. Idea Port Riga can help you design, develop and launch your revised UI already in the next release.
Your sales team loves the new UI. Their application is now focused on key tasks. The intuitive UI replaces a 300-page manual with 2h of training. Sales reps become more productive, and it now takes them 20% less time to do the same daily tasks.
Now, you only have one question: Which role should we do next?
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