How to better sell and service construction

In September we met a CEO of a mid-sized construction retailer branch. He was stressed. Employees were driving around client sites, not sharing information, taking notes and losing them. He asked them to use a CRM. They tried but complained that laptops were heavy, internet slow and the information was not up to date anyway.
The CEO wanted a fast and simple mobile app that employees could use from their mobile phones. However, the solutions he saw were anything but simple. He was stuck deciding whether to migrate his whole CRM to a new mobile-friendly cloud service or to give up.
We work together
We offered to make a mobile app that would interact and sync with his current CRM, Office 365 and other systems. We agreed to make a prototype to prove the main scenarios. Most of the processing logic would remain in their system. Hence, his employees could use it in parallel with the old way and decide if they wanted to build a full version.
For a week, we investigated how employees worked and how the system helped or hindered them. We presented practical improvements for Sales users. There was only one core functionality that they needed during the day. We skipped all back-office and non-essential functions. The system became slick, easy to use and understand. After he saw the prototype, the CEO approved our app for development.
Practical improvements
In January we launched the application for first users. They were glad to adopt the tailored app. It did not ask them to fill the same fields every time or to download large data. Sales employees loved the app as it saved them time and helped contact more customers. HR and CFO liked the app as usability reduced training and data management costs. CEO and sales managers were happy to have the most current information on what the sales team was doing. The quality of data improved, too. Filling it out right away improved accuracy and reduced lost and forgotten information.
CEO and Sales managers is happy
It is now February, and the CEO is talking to us about a mobile app for Service employees. The use scenarios are different and will need a different app. But it will still be interfacing their existing CRM system, with no need to migrate it to cloud.
And what about you? What has been your experience with enterprise mobile apps so far?
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