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Oracle releases Innovation Packs every year.
They are committed to develop the platform and keep your Siebel investments safe.
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Who we are

Well-established enterprise IT consultancy focused on UX, CRM and mobile solutions.
10 years experience, 100 industry-savvy engineers, €5 million annual turnover.
Siebel competence hub

Siebel competence hub

With 50 experts, Idea Port Riga is the largest pool of Siebel competence in the Nordics. Most of us have over 10 years experience and some have participated in upgrades from Siebel 2000 to Siebel 7.

We have helped 35 Siebel clients worldwide in Telecom, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail, Transportation, Energy and Public sector.
Technical experts on your team

Technical experts on your team

We review your configuration and pinpoint the most impactful improvements. We resolve long-standing performance issues, run complex upgrades and implement advanced functionality. We even fix the defects that Siebel Support gives up on.

We do standard Siebel development tasks too. Our experience and attention to detail leads to consistent, high-quality deliverables.
Define the what, leave the how to us

Define the “what”, leave the “how” to us

Developers love clear requirements: they can be precisely estimated and implemented. But who will determine how exactly the solution should work to achieve your business goals? It is risky to leave this to business analysts without deep Siebel knowledge.

Our consultants will spend time to understand what exactly you want to achieve. Together, we will arrive at a solution that meets your goals and is simple to implement and maintain.
Apps on top of Siebel

Apps on top of Siebel

You no longer choose Siebel eCustomer or eChannel as your Customer or Partner portal. But you still need a way to give clients and partners real-time data coming from your Siebel.

We have 40 experts who build modern web and mobile apps on top of your Siebel system. Your Siebel data is always available to customers, partners and employees.
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What we can help you with

1 Make Siebel Fit Again

1 Make Siebel Fit Again

When did your company first implement Siebel? Often it’s 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years ago. Your youngest developer was still in middle school.

Several suppliers and tens, if not hundreds, of developers have worked on your Siebel before him. That's hundreds, if not thousands, of configuration changes made to suit each of their development styles.

It's no wonder your Siebel is slow. It takes days to implement the simplest requirements and months to get through regression testing to production.

We diagnose your Siebel's performance. We work to understand your situation, do a comprehensive review, dig deep into your most painful issues and provide a clear action plan to address your concerns.

See how we do diagnostics

2 Take Siebel UX to the next level

If you have enabled Open UI in your Siebel, probably your first reaction was "Huh? What was all this hype about?" That's ok. The good stuff is there, but you need to work hard to use it. We can do it for you.

Open UI has opened a constructive discussion on Siebel usability. The more our clients work on this, the more they evolve beyond standard Open UI Aurora and Synergy themes.

See different approaches
2 Take Siebel UX to the next level
3 Stay ahead of the pack with Innovation Packs

3 Stay ahead of the pack with Innovation Packs

Oracle releases Siebel Innovation Packs every year. Are you making the most of them?

Open UI has turned Siebel into a modern web application. Siebel now runs in different web browsers and has a better user experience. Their next updates are speeding up your development cycle. Better development tools and processes keep coming out.

It makes sense to take advantage of Innovation Packs. Are you planning your upgrade?

See what to consider before upgrading

4 Get the most of your global IT supplier

Is your Siebel supplier one of the 800-pound IT gorillas like Accenture, IBM, Capgemini or CGI?

They have thousands of Siebel resources; many of them are very good. They are larger than your company and tend to run the projects their way. They will do a good job as long as you have the project power. You need someone with technical competence who can put the right checks and balances in place.

Do you feel that you have enough Siebel competence on your side? How about adding our heavyweight Siebel champion to your team?

See how we help you work with global suppliers
4  Get the most of your global IT supplier
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